Posting Jobs

  • Employer Portal accounts do not have the ability to post jobs directly to the Job Board. Jobs are automatically aggregated from other job sites. Read on to learn more about how your job opportunities can appear on our Job Board.

Indexed Job Boards

The following list highlights the most popular job boards employers can post to. The WE Data Tools (WDT) platform indexes hundreds of job boards including various small and regional job sites.

If you choose to post your job on any of these platforms, WDT will index it, amplifying your reach to potential candidates.

Job boards with a checkmark are preferred for their popularity and high visibility.

Job Board


Job Posting Best Practices

When posting a job opportunity, we recommend the following best practices to attract qualified candidates, and to ensure that our system is able to extract the necessary details. These practices include:

1. Include Essential Details

Clearly list the salary range and job location, as this transparency helps set clear expectations and attract serious candidates​​​​. The following formats will get picked up by our system:

2. Must-Have Skills

Begin your job post by stating the essential skills to filter out unqualified applicants early on​​.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Add a diversity statement and avoid biased language to create an inclusive job ad. This also involves using neutral, unbiased language throughout the posting​​​​.

4. Benefit Highlights

Include a comprehensive list of benefits as part of the job listing to stand out and show candidates what you offer beyond a paycheque​​.

The following keyphrases will get picked up by our system and will tag the job/employer with Benefits accordingly:

5. Personality and Clarity

Use straightforward language and show some personality to make your job posting engaging and clear. Avoid jargon and “buzzwords” that might be off-putting​​​​.

6. Competitive Edge

Research the market and prepare to convey why your role is unique and attractive compared to others. This helps create a compelling message that can differentiate your opportunity from others​​.

7. Job Description Length

Keep job descriptions concise, ideally between 300-800 words, and list 5-10 key responsibilities or requirements​​.

8. Clear Objectives

Make sure to articulate the key objectives or outcomes expected from the position so candidates understand the role’s impact​​.

10. Readable Format

Organize the job description with bullet points and subheadings for better readability and to help candidates quickly grasp the essential information​​.

Employers who follow these practices can improve their chances of not only attracting more candidates but also finding those who are the best fit for the role and the organization’s culture.

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