The WE Data Tools 4.3 Release introduces a suite of improvements for the Service Provider Portal, updates for Job Board administration, and more!
The WE Data Tools 4.2 Release is focused on converting several key job tools to the 2021 NOC structure, along with enhancements and updates for service providers.
The WE Data Tools 4.1 Release is another significant update introduces a suite of improvements for the Service Provider Portal, including 2-Factor Authentication, a revolutionized Permission System, more refinements to

Data Centralization This release is the second and final step in a major change to how Jobs and Companies data is stored and managed in the system. Individual job postings

Labour Market Insights Report Job Board Administrators The screens for managing Company, Job Posting, and Ta g records are being moved out of the WordPress backend and into the Portal.

Job Board & Map 2021 NOC Tagging Tools The Tag tool for Job Board Administrators has been updated to include support for adding 2021 NOC Tags to job postings. Important:

Job Board New 2021 NOC Taxonomy The new 2021 National Occupation Classification (NOC) taxonomy has been incorporated into the backend of the system. New incoming job posts will now be

Career Explorer Career paths are now “sticky” for improved usability. Click or tap on an Occupation bubble, and its career paths will remain visible until another bubble is selected. The

Career Explorer Decision Tree Tool This tool has received a visual overhaul, including improved mobile display on deeply-nested trees, as well as some additional improvements: Education Programs Job Board &

Job Board Job Map Job & Training Events Tool Portal All New Resume Builder Service Provider Tools Sector Library Job Board The region/city name has been added to all Jobs