WE Data Tools

WE Data Tools 4.3 Release Updates

Job Board Administration

Improved Job and Company Search

Keyword-Based Job Search

  • Upgraded search methodology for jobs using NOC codes, titles, and descriptions.
  • More relevant and intuitive search results.

Keyword-Based Company Search

  • Enhanced search logic using NAICS codes.
  • Better ranking of companies by keywords in names and descriptions.

LMI Report, Update to Trends

  • Absolute Change: The Top Growing/Declining Sectors and Occupations tables now include an absolute change column. Alongside percentage changes, you will now see the actual count increase. For example, a 700% increase in payroll administrators will also show as a 7-count increase.
  • Combined Columns: NAICS/NOC Codes and Titles are now combined into a single column across all Trends widgets.
  • 2021 NOC Default Setting: The LMI Report now defaults to the 2021 NOC system after the completion of the 2021 NOC tagging work.

Service Provider Portal

Case Note Activity Updates

The following Activity Types have been added to Case Notes:

  • Education
  • Employment Related Financial Support
  • Job Placement
  • Referrals
  • Training
  • Transfer

Client Self Identification Updates

The “Identify As” options contained in the jobseeker self-registration form and new client form, have been updated as follows:

  • Updated Terminology: The “Identify As” checkboxes on the jobseeker self-registration form have been updated to reflect the target populations as CaMS sees them. For example, Indigenous was replaced with Metis, Inuit, and First Nations.
  • Configurability: Service providers can now request custom configurations for the identification options in the ‘Add Client’ form. For example, they may ask for more detailed disability categories or specific immigration sources to be included.
  • CaMS Data Authority: In cases where CaMS fields match these updated fields, the CaMS value will be the authoritative data point. While jobseekers can still update this data in their profiles, these updates will not affect what a Caseworker sees if the client is linked to CaMS.

Manager Reports Relocated

  • Reports Moved: The following reports have been relocated from the Dashboard to the Reports section (only visible to Portal Staff who have the Reports permission):
    • Staff Report
    • Portal Report
    • Resume Report
    • Top Viewed/Following Report
  • Manager Dashboard Removed: With the shift to a permission-based system and the relocation of reports to a single area within the Job Portal, the Manager Dashboard has been deprecated. Job Portal users with Reports permissions will now see the following dashboard widgets:
    • Quick Stats
    • Notifications
    • Tasks
    • News
    • Activity

NEW! Portal Alert System

We have introduced a new notification system to better communicate issues and important updates to service provider staff.

  • Notification Info Bar: Notifies staff of issues affecting the Jobs Portal, such as CaMS outages, and share time-sensitive news.
  • Visibility: The notification bar is non-dismissible and will be displayed for all Service Provider staff when a message is active.
  • Message Management: Administrators can easily manage alert content in the back-end of the system by navigating to Job Portal > Portal Alert System.
New Portal System Alert available to Administrators in the WordPress dashboard.
Examples of different alert types available in the Portal System Alert.

NEW! Disable Referral Emails

Referral emails are sent to service provider staff when a new referral is made. Typically, these referrals are not assigned to a specific caseworker, resulting in all service provider portal users receiving the notification.

Referral emails can now be disabled for individual users. This feature helps manage referral email notifications, reducing unnecessary emails by allowing administrators to disable notifications for specific users.

Administrators can navigate to a specific user in the back-end, and select the Suppress Referral Emails checkbox to disable notifications for that user.

New Suppress Referral Emails option available to Administrators when editing a User Profile within the WordPress Dashboard.

NEW! Edit Client Profile

Service provider staff can now edit client profiles directly.

  • Editable Information:
    • Case details (Note: The specific case details that can be edited are based on a user’s permissions)
    • Profile information
    • Work history
    • Communication preferences
  • Synchronization with CaMS:
    • To ensure consistency and synchronization between platforms, any client data that exists in CaMS can only be updated in CaMS.
Edit buttons are now beside section headings.
Selecting Edit will enable all editable fields to be updated. Hit Save to complete your chanages.

Other Minor Updates

  • New Client Form
    • Brackets are now accepted in the phone number field
  • Reports:
    • CaMS data accuracy disclaimer added
  • Terminology change from Gender to Sex throughout portal
  • Preferred Name:
    • Preferred Name field now includes the placeholder text If different than legal name
    • Order of preferred name now displays in the following order First Name (Preferred Name) Last Name