Innovative Workforce Solutions

Empower your clients and job seekers with comprehensive tools and resources that drive success.

WE Data Tools Job Tracking

Job Portal

Deliver a one-stop experience to clients and jobseekers combined with the power of an interactive case management system.

WE Data Tools Job Board

Job Board

Empower your clients and job seekers with access to the region’s largest job board, seamlessly aggregating listings from multiple sources to streamline the job search process.

WE Data Tools Job Map

Job Map

Enhance service offerings by providing a comprehensive map that locates jobs, employment services, child care, transportation options, and more, all in one place for your clients and job seekers.

WE Data Tools Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Improve outcomes with a user-friendly tool that enables quick creation of professional-quality resumes, enhancing the chances of securing employment for your clients and job seekers.

WE Data Tools Cover Letter Generator

Cover Letter Generator

Complement your resume services with a generator that helps clients and job seekers craft personalized and professional cover letters, increasing their application success rate.

WE Data Tools Job & Training Events

Job & Training Events Board

Keep clients and job seekers informed about local job and training opportunities, facilitating their skill development and employment prospects.

WE Data Tools Career Calculator

Career Calculator

Assist clients and job seekers in making informed decisions about skill upgrades by providing a tool that measures the return on investment for their educational endeavors.

WE Data Tools Career Explorer

Career Explorer

Offer an intuitive tool that helps clients and job seekers discover career paths and job opportunities related to their existing experience, promoting informed career transitions.

WE Data Tools Career Library

Career Library

Provide comprehensive occupational information, including regional demand and salary data, supporting clients and job seekers in making educated career choices.

WE Data Tools Census Map

Census Map

Utilize geographic census data to support strategic planning and decision-making, with tools to compare metrics and view aggregated data.

WE Data Tools Talent Map

Talent Map

Optimize talent attraction efforts by geo-targeting campaigns for hard-to-fill positions, ensuring a focused and effective recruitment strategy.

WE Data Tools Sector Map

Sector Map

Gain insights into job posting concentrations and access a robust database of companies, enabling better understanding of regional industry trends.

WE Data Tools Sector Library

Sector Library

Enhance your strategic planning with detailed industry insights and identification of key regional industry participants.

WE Data Tools Labour Marketing Insights Report

LMI Report

Access comprehensive reports on employer recruiting and job search behaviors, providing valuable data on job market dynamics and trends.

WE Data Tools Skill Demand Report

Skill Demand Report

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the skills, knowledge, and technology that local employers are currently seeking, ensuring your training and education programs align with market needs.

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