WE Data Tools

Job Search API

The Job Search API allows for programmatic queries to the WE Data Tools job posting database.

Request Format

  • https://[WEBSITE]/wdt-api/v1/search-jobs/
    • Example: https://www.workforcewindsoressex.com/wdt-api/v1/search-jobs/
  • Query parameters can be passed via POST or GET.

Query Parameters

api_keystringRequired in some deployments, optional in others.
durationstringOptional. Any one of the following values: ‘contract’, ‘temporary’, ‘permanent’. If not supplied, queries for all durations.
excerptbooleanOptional. If ‘1’ is supplied, includes a portion of job post content in returned results. Otherwise, does not include this content in returned results.
limitintegerOptional. The maximum number of results to return from the query. Default 100, maximum 250.
occupationsarray of stringsOptional. One or more four-digit occupation codes from the National Occupation Classification (NOC) taxonomy. Note that these codes are not integers, as some NOCs have prepended zeros.
regionstringOptional. A region name such as “Windsor”, “Essex County” or “Peterborough”. Note that queries for a specific region will also include results for any sub-regions. Thus, a query for “Lakeshore” will include results for Emeryville and Belle River, which are part of the Lakeshore region.
searchstringOptional. A word or phrase to search job post titles and content.
typestringOptional. Queries by job type. Use ‘PT’ for part time and ‘FT’ for full time. If not supplied, queries both types.
pageintegerOptional. Pagination number. Default 1.
include_metabooleanOptional. If true, returns a JSON object instead of an array. Meta data on max pages, current page, and posts-per-page is returned as meta, and the job posts are returned as job_postings. Default false.