Duplicate Records

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New job postings will match with existing companies if the name is an exact character match. If one posting uses Company ABC Ltd. and another posting uses Company ABC Limited, they will not match.

If duplicate company records occur, they can be linked using Aliases.

1. In the All Companies grid, search for the company name. All results will appear.

2. Best practice is to use the company with more job postings as the main company. To see the job postings associated to each company, hover over the company and click View. In a new tab, a list of the company job postings will appear.

3. In this example, one of the companies has 1 posting while other has 16 postings.

4. In the All Companies grid, click Edit for the company with only 1 posting.

5. On the company profile, it will say “This employer is an alias of: None”

6. Click the dropdown and type the name of the main company.

7. Select the company from the list.

8. Click Update.