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Skills Library Improvements

  • A Skill Tag Library has been enabled for occupations tagged with KST Skill Tags.
  • Skill tags are now organized into 3 categories: Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Technologies. The skills library has been adjusted to reflect this view:

Company Affiliation

  • When the general public views the company page on your website we inform them that the company is “not affiliated” with your organization.
  • If the company address is missing it will inform the general public that there is “no address found” reducing the confusion between your organization’s contact information and the company’s contact information.
  • For the few companies where the record is affiliated with your organization, you’ll be able to ‘edit company’ and check a box in the back end to indicate your affiliation. This box will be empty by default, making using this feature easy to manage. When checked, the new ‘not affiliated’ label will be removed from the public facing company page on your website.

Core System Improvements

  • The “type ahead search” function has been altered for Occupations / NOC Tags to more intelligently retrieve results based on occupation meta-data and NOC codes.
  • Quick / Bulk Edit functionality has been extended to allow quick / bulk editing of NOCs and NAICs.
  • Job post importing has been improved and now happens at a quicker pace.

Universal Indexers

  • We have added several new universal indexers / job boards that will be pulling in new job postings for all environments.
    • These Include:
      • careersinfood.com
      • careerowl.ca
      • adzuna.ca
      • metisnation.org
      • greatsn.com


  • Occupation and Industry links throughout the website have been fixed to direct users to the correct location
  • Follow/Unfollow button added to NAICS Industry pages
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