WE Data Tools

WE Data Tools 3.16 Release Updates

Job Board

  • The region/city name has been added to all Jobs feeds throughout the tools:
  • When managing individual Company Aliases, the Company lookup box now shows the slug (an internal identifier) next to the company name, making it easier to differentiate between companies with similar or identical names. In addition, you can’t select the current Company record as an Alias to itself: this selection is grayed out to prevent a “circular” reference.
  • A new “Audit Aliased Posts” tools is available in Companies > Tools > Audit Aliased Posts. This tool analyzes all Company records to ensure that Aliases are properly configured. A list of problem Company records, if any, is presented.
    • Note: This tool was released in the 3.14 update several months ago, but didn’t make it into the release notes at that time.

Job Map

  • The tool that allows you to export map layers to Excel had two issues causing malformed spreadsheet output in some circumstances. These issues have been resolved.

Job & Training Events Tool

  • When website visitors use the Submit a New Opportunity tool to suggest an event, we are now collecting their individual contact details (name, email address, phone number) as part of the submission process. This will allow WE Data Tools administrators to make contact in the event of a question or issue with the submitted details.
  • When a flyer image or PDF is submitted for an event, you can now preview the submitted document in the WordPress backend. See the “Flyer” link to the right of the URL.
  • To make it easier to see that individual events can be clicked or tapped for more detail, individual events have been moved to a “card-style” design with a hover effect:


All New Resume Builder

The Resume Builder tool has been completely rebuilt to make it easier to use on devices of all sizes, including mobile phones. In addition to an all-new layout, the following enhancements have been added:

  • The tool will offer to help you populate the Skills section of your resume with the Skills that are linked to your user profile.
  • Awards, Languages, and Volunteer Experience are now optional sections, and can be added with the new Add Section button.
  • You can now also custom sections to your resume with free-form text content.
  • All sections titles can now be renamed

Service Provider Tools

  • Several improvements have been made to the Post a Job feature:
    • If we have address details on file for the selected Company record, these fields will pre-populate with that information.
    • Expired job postings are now visible in the Post a Job view so that older postings can be easily duplicated.
    • For job postings that have an email address instead of a URL, clicking the Go To Job Post button will bring you to a new landing page for that job which shows all of the relevant details. An Email to Apply button on this page opens up the user’s email program.
    • A bug where an invalid Wage Value was causing the page to crash without warning or feedback has been resolved. This field will now accept numeric input only.

Sector Library

  • The NAICS Suggestion Tool now orders suggestions by the number of job postings linked to each Company record, with the most active hiring Companies at the top of the list. This will allow Job Board Administrators to choose NAICS assignments with maximum impact.