WE Data Tools

WE Data Tools 3.12 Release Updates

This is a small release with just a few updates:

Job Board

  • Improvements to out-of-region Company geocoding: When new companies are discovered and geocoded, the system will evaluate whether or not the returned latitude & longitude fit within the bounds of your service area. If the coordinates are outside of your service area, the system will discard the lat/long coordinates to prevent it from appearing on the Job Map and Sector Map tools.
  • A new Job Search widget is available (screenshot below) allowing website users to start their job search on your website’s home page (or any other page).
    • For those customers who are using the WE Data Tools Official Theme, let us know if you’d like to add this widget to your site, and we’ll arrange to add it for you.
    • For those customers running their own Theme, you can add it yourself (or have your website developer assist) with the following shortcode: [wdt-view-switcher]

Training Board Tool > Job Training & Events Tool

  • The Training Board has been renamed to Job Training & Events tool, and now has more features to support other types of events such as Job Fairs and Info Sessions.
  • A new developer hook has been added for injection of custom content into the tool’s sidebar:
    • wfwe_training_board_ad_space – Content printed in this hook will display below the filters on the desktop view of the Job & Training Events page
    • wfwe_training_board_mobile_ad_space – Content printed in this hook will display after the 2nd (or last if less than 2 results are displayed) item in the results list
    • Image content in either hook should have a max width set to 100%.

Sector Map

  • The performance and responsiveness of this tool has been substantially improved.