WE Data Tools

Add Staff

Who can use this feature?

  • Portal Staff who have the Staff permission
  • Administrators

Add a new staff member

1. From My Clients / People, select + Invite > Staff.

2. Add the following details:

  • (required) Service Provider Assignment: If you have Service Provider Group permissions to manage staff, you’ll be able to assign new staff members to another service provider using the Service Provider Assignment.
  • (required) Email Address
  • (required) First Name
  • (required) Last Name
  • (optional) Phone Number
  • (optional) Extension

Select Complete Account Setup once you’ve added the desired information. The new staff member will receive an email invitation with a link to verify and login to their new account.

If the staff member did not receive the email invitation and has not yet set their password, the invitation can be resent

1. Navigate to the staff member’s profile in the Job Portal and select Actions > Resend Portal Invite.

2. A dialogue window will appear to confirm the email invite was sent to the address provided.

Choose Copy Link if you’d like to copy the email invite to send to your client manually.