WE Data Tools 3.10 Release Updates

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Job Board

  • The Geocoding tool for Job Board Administrators has been improved in cases where no clear latitude/longitude match is returned. The tool now shows a list of potential matches to a given lookup, and gives the Job Board Administrator the option to select one of these choices.

Jobs Map

  • You can now create links to the job map with specific layers pre-selected. For example, if you’re writing a blog article about finding child care while job hunting, you can provide viewers with a link to the map with the Jobs and Child Care layers already visible.

Occupation Library

  • A new Skilled Trades explorer is now available in the Occupation Library, and is also integrated with select occupation profiles in the Occupation Library and Career Explorer tools. Job seekers can now discover trade-related information on related occupations, including education and training requirements.

Decision Tree Tool

  • To make it easier to edit nodes directly from the public view, an Edit Node button has been added for logged-in website administrators.
  • When using Company Tags to associate Company records to a particular Decision node, the matching records now show in alphabetical order, instead of newest-to-oldest.
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