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The We Data Carousel is a highly customizable slideshow made using Bootstrap.


Show Controls

Toggles the next and previous buttons. Default: Yes

Show Indicators

Toggles the slide indicators at the bottom of the carousel. Default: Yes

Full Width

When switched on, the carousel will display from edge to edge of the screen. Default: No


The time between slides, in milliseconds. (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Default: 5000

Pause on Hover

Toggles whether the carousel will pause when the mouse is hovering over it or not. Default: No

Stop of Final Slide

Toggles whether the carousel will stop at the end of the slides or if it will restart. Default: No

Carousel Height

Specifies the height of the carousel in pixels. Default: 400

Carousel Bottom Padding

Specifies the amount of space under the carousel in pixels. Default: 0


The options for each slide


The image you want to use for the slide background.

Slide Link

When given a link, the whole slide will become clickable. Default: none

Open link in new tab?

Toggles whether to open the link in a new tab or not. Default: Yes

Show Caption

Toggles whether to show a caption at the bottom of the slide or not. Default: No

Slide Label

The label of the side, appears above the caption. Default: none

Slide Caption

The caption of the side, appears below the label. Default: none


Slideshow controls:

Slide Controls:

The We Data Carousel: