Theme Integration Requirements

Home Theme Integration Requirements

The WE Data Tools plugin requires a small collection of templates to be added to your WordPress theme. These templates are as follows:

  • archive-wdt_training_post.php
  • archive-wfwe_job_postings.php
  • page-empty.php
  • single-wfwe_employers.php
  • single-wfwe_industry.php
  • single-wfwe_job_postings.php
  • single-wfwe_noc.php

We will supply these files to your theme developer, and they can be added to the root directory of the theme.

Note: Please also review our system requirements to ensure that your infrastructure is fully compatible with the WE Data Tools platform.

Example Template Format

The following is our single-wfwe_employers.php template file for the Companies post type (internally: wfwe_employers). All of the other templates are similar to this one.

Notice the get_header() and get_footer() function calls. If your theme uses this standard WordPress approach to display top-of-page and bottom-of-page content, then these templates should function correctly without further modification required.

$wdt_template_loader = new WDT_Template_Loader;
$wdt_template_loader->get_template_part( 'companies/templates/single-company' );

If your theme does not use get_header() and get_footer(), or requires additional code outside of these functions, then these templates may need to be modified for full theme compatibility. In these cases, we will require direction from your theme developer or webmaster on which code modifications to make.